Humans of Fifth Grade

One bright sunny day in the summer when school was out my family and I decided to go to six flags as a vacation. It took a few hours to get there but I had my phone so I wasn’t to bored, I watched You Tube and played a few video games. When we finally got to six flags I hopped out of the car to stretch my legs. Right as my family and I walked in we saw a cool roller coaster that looked like a snake it was called the rattlesnake. So we got in the line to go on the roller coaster and it was really fun there were tons of twists and turns. I started to get hungry so I bought me a 7-11 slurpee and some cheese fries. Then I finally went on the scariest roller coaster of my life Mr. freeze, it wasn’t to long but it went soooo fast I couldn’t even breathe when it was over. I had to sit down for a while because I almost got sick. The next roller coaster I went on was the batman it takes you upside down and through some loops. We rode a lot of other rides but those were my favorite. Then we all got tired so we went home and that was probably my favorite day of my life.

The Sad Past

I will be talking about the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York that got on fire. I am now more grateful that I get to go to school and not work in a factory. It made me sad and mad that the girls got killed just because the bosses did not care about the employees but just the money.

War of 1812 Acrostic Poem

War was fought.

Armies fought one another .

Royal Navy of the U.K.

O-The battle of New Orleans.

F-Many fallen soldiers.

1-The War of 1812 ended in 1815.

8,000 people or more died in the battle of 1812.

1-1814 was a time where people burned down the U.S. flag.

2nd war of independence was what it was called.

The Battle of Germantown

The battle of Germantown was fought on Oct. 4,1777 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. The battle of Germantown is a major engagement in the American Revolutionary war. The commanders are the U.S. and Canada Vs Great Britian and Hesse-Kassel. The U.S. Had 11,000 men while The British only had 9,000 men. A Heavy fog caused confusion upon Americans. The British had almost won before the battle even started because the Americans Couldn’t see, so the British won with 71 killed, 448 wounded and 14 missing. The Americans had 152 men killed, 521 wounded and 438 captured.

Patriot Poem

Pickens fought in the Anglo Cherokee war in 1760.

He lived to be 77 years old.

Pickens was born Sept. 13.

Respected by natives.

Andrew Pickens.

Called fighting elder.

Served as a U.S. Representative.

Andrew Pickens nickname was “The Wizard Owl”.

The Cherokee named him skyagunsta  because he had fought.